Colored noteheads?

Is there a way to simply select an individual notehead and give it a color? For example, I want to distinguish non chord tones in a theory assignment by making them all red… while the chord tones are all black.

Thanks in advance!

Yes. Select the notehead and change the colour in Common Properties section of the bottom panel.



If this is something you do a lot, you can manually assign a keycommand for it too. Just add the following code to your user keycommands file under the kGlobal context, substituting whatever shortcut you want.

						"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kEventColour&Value=string: #ff000000" : [ "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C" ]

Thank you for this information. It will ease my workflow quite a bit. To draw attention to anything in a score which will need, for example, an editorial decision, I change it to red and often add a comment as well.
I did find, though, that the string value only worked when I changed it from #ff000000 to #ff0000 (for red), presumably as RGB values have three hex pairs, not four.

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Thank you!!

Greg Day
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Four pairs of bytes would be RGBA (A = alpha channel), so 00 in the last pair would make it completely transparent. Looks like if you omit the last pair it assumes FF (helpfully).

When I initially had it set to #ff000000, nothing happened - the notes (and any other objects selected) remained black.
After changing the value to #ff0000, it worked as expected - all selected objects changed to red.

Oops, my fault! Yes, that’s the right hex code.

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In the Properties panel, I activate Color in the Common group.

Then Dorico Help instructs me to “Click the color preview to open the Colors (macOS) dialog.”

Where is the “color preview?” Where do I click?

It’s the black square.

Thank you! But by “black” you also mean “completely invisible,” even in your screenshot, hence your red outline? I had to click around the window many times before I could get the dialog box to pop up because I can’t see it in the Dark window theme. I’m kind of surprised that anyone can find this. Setting the theme to Light and choosing a white color also makes the color preview box disappear. Maybe the developers can add a border in the next version.


Not “completely,” but I do agree a border would be helpful. (A medium gray border would show up in either light or dark mode.)