Colorize Mixer window to match track colors

In Cubase 10, I’d really like to see the entire mixer channels be colorized to match the track colors like in Studio One and Pro Tools, as opposed to having a simple color strip down at the bottom of each channel. I know it’s only cosmetic but when I’m staring at the screen for long periods of time, it’s nice to look at and helps me see what’s what a little easier.


It would great for it to be an option you could turn on or off.

i like this idea too. also please allow the q link to work on mixer colors. if i select 10 drum tracks and want them all blue, it would be nice if i could just select, qlink, then change all 10 at once

I agree that it should be a toggle on/off checkbox in the appearance preferences.

+1 Helps greatly in PT.

+1. Yes, same option as on tracks, with color intensity setting in preferences.

+1 long overdue


Definitely with color intensity settings. I love having just a slight saturation of the color

YUP that would be nice.