colors equalizer LC HC

The new colors for Lo and HiCut in Channel Settings Window (Equalizer) are really hard to distinguish for enabled/disabled state. heres a jpeg showing the LC filter (with Pre enabeld and disabled). I have to look very very close to see a difference.
c10 HP filter.jpg
This is a clean install of C10 in Windows 10 HiDPI, no color preferences changed.

Yes, the PRE button changes from blue to yellow if disabled. And yes, I can work with this. But it doesn’t hurt getting good visual feedback. It was so much easier and better in Cubase 9.5. It’s a shame things that worked so well get changed.

I’m having that same issue on my laptop, I tried re-installing v10 that didn’t work, then i figured since I installed v10 initially on top of v9.5 maybe thats causing some issues and remembered I wanted to clean out my computer and reinstall my os from scratch anyway so I did… basically thats installing the full version of Cubase 10.0.20 on a brand new computer and I got the same issue… Heres the funny part, I downloaded the update to v10 and installed it on top of v9.5 on my iMac and it worked fine. Did you ever figure it out?