colors from other projects

Anyone know how to import colors from one project into another? To append them to the bottom of the color palette list? I don’t understand that we are able to save presets in the color setup window, but not able to recall them?? What’s the point then? And I don’t want to recall a preset and remove my existing color palette…I just want to bring in a few more colors from a previous project. Any ideas?

Not sure if that helps…
Open the project that has the colors you want, and make this color palette default. Then open the project you want to insert those colors and hit use default palette.
This should work i thing!

Sorry, it doesn’t. It just overwrites the existing palette. I want to add to it. But thanks!

What happens if you Import a Track from the other Project which is using the color you want to add? Does the color come with it?

If it is only a few colors the easiest thing might be just to add them manually - either eyeball the color or jot down the RBG settings if you need to be exact.

It didn’t work. I tried that. It kept using the current palette’s colors replacing the ones I wanted. I thought importing tracks or track archive would be the trick. Nope. :frowning: And yep, last resort will be to manually jot down the color settings and manually create each one. I know that will work. Just a shame there’s no easier way. 'Love Cubase, but things like these are just another to add to the list of “What Cubase should already be capable of doing.” stuff.

That preset Tab in the Color Setup is totally baffling. The manual only describes the mechanics of the settings - one lets you set the number of “Basic Colors” and another the number of “Color Tints” and that’s it. While I understand what all these words mean, I haven’t a clue what they mean in the context of Cubase Tracks.

And yeah they sure don’t seem like any “preset” I’ve ever encountered before.

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I know!! Weird. I said screw it and just screen captured the RGB sets for each color and hand made them in my main preset.