COLORS in CUBASE Channel strip

In CB 10 Windows 7. While turning any of the channel strip components on or off they do NOT turn red or blue as seen in CB tutorial videos. They just go to light gray off or Dark gray on. It’s hard to see which components are active or not.

FWIW - they are appearing/behaving fine here…

Check your preferences - User Interface/MixcConsole Channel Strip Colors.
They are probably all grey (they appear to be like that by default, which I think might a bug…).
You can manually change them to whatever colours you like,


Don’t save your preferences (a bug I’m afraid). Simply quit Cubase without saving. The colours will be remembered in your Profile, and should appear the next time you open Cubase.

I rather hope all this nonsense will be sorted out in the upcoming 10.0.30 release on Wednesday, but … we’ll see.