Colors Limitation for customization in 9,5

What did I say ?? I was sure there is happy people !

Abject39 (what a name !), maybe you can loose yourself in too much customizable colors, nobody forces you to change apparence settings. Can’t you understand that other users know how to get a nice colored interface without loosing themself ? The 9.5 is SAD ! Ugly to cry ! My 9.0 colors were so joyful !
If you like a interface with only one color and its ton shifts, it can be possible by letting users customize. The problem is when users don’t have any choice… If I want a crazy color daw, with fluorescent yellow & green ? Have a try with 9.5 !

I hope you’ll never have any sight problems !

I never could get the dark Cubases to look right until now. It does some color mixing for you.

However, I’m on board with more color options like separate key and audio editor colors.

They should just make a Configuration wizard that you can launch from the File menu that steps through the config applies customizations and makes it easy for everyone (and save to profile on Pro).

The thing is pretty easy: a standard plus an additional expert mode accessible via the prefs. Just like now, but more parameters than 9.03. Using the latter, the online community will create a wealth of choices for every personal taste and, more importantly, requirement. Everything you see in a GUI can be propagated the frontend ( prefs). The infrastructure is there already, but instead of opening it up to make it more flexible, the opposite happens. I have spent at least a week to tweak the shit out of the available options in C9; it’s been a massive pain due to its previous inflexibilities but eventually I found a viable look, one that serves my purpose, works on my screen, and doesn’t annoy me after looking at it for more than a day. Days of tweaking for nothing, I just can’t get this to look right anymore. What I couldn’t fix for a dark theme is the more than weird inverted logics for selections being darkened (e.g. shaded regions in the sequencer). Cubase is intended to look like a candy shop and not meant to be configured towards a monochromatic, dark feel, which, and I guess I am not alone with this opinion, is not exactly an attribute to pro software. Look at Autodesk Flame 2018, which is living proof to that. Also, Avid Media Composer is beautiful, and guess what - both are NLE softwares. This assertion thus cannot be too far fetched.

Just give us all the options, and end of story. For as light as one wants and pitch black the like. No more clever “the-software-knows-better-what-looks-good”-mechanisms. Candy shop or military software, whatever supports your creativity. The former is so repelling to me, as I need to my brain to process audible information. The laser show happens on stage, not in the studio.

The 9.5 colour customisation is indeed so hideously screwed and curtailed that I am beginning to wonder if it’s actually the final intended version, or if they simply didn’t have time to finish this for the (early?) release, given the new graphics subsystem. Yes, the one that Steinberg representatives claimed to be totally sound in the first place and would not require a rewrite not so long ago on this forum. But that’s a different story, thank god it’s finally fixed now.

Has anyone ever complained about the plugin menu? Or the visibility list? Or the workflow of Media Bay, apart from it’s notorious sluggishness? Not to my knowledge. So please, hands off the bits that apparently are good as is.

This is key. Different folks have very different ideas about what looks best to them. But beyond that there are lots of people with a variety of vision problems. When Steinberg places limits on color choices it doesn’t just affect the aesthetics it also limits the functionality.

Thank you. Thank you very much indeed.

Cool theory, but those two things are unrelated.

With the deadline for the release? If you mean the graphics engine, it is required to restart Cubase <9.5 for colour changes to take effect, which is an indicator for such thing. But yeah,I might be wrong, and that’s pretty scary given the current state of affairs.

You can edit the XML file in /library/preferences to change to any color. I try to attach a print screen of my Cubase 9.5 color scheme in dark grey and with custom color scheme for the tracks, all in fading rainbow colors :wink:

Here’s another beauty with regards to colours. Might be a bug, or might well be not. Insert slots are now entirely black, disabled slots light grey:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

Just makes you wonder why someone would think it’s a good idea to change things just for the sake of changing - the old design has worked for years now , everybody got used to it - bang, let’s change it!
Same with the visibility settings and elsewhere, suddenly we have silly check marks instead of the old circles (which worked fine) - where are we, in a Powerpoint presentation? Why, why, why would someone change that needlessly??
Instead of focusing on getting the existing design mistakes right, they just change things that weren’t a problem.
Unify the scrollbars (I counted at least 5 different designs there) for a start…

The features are great, but the design since C7 has been an ongoing disaster.

I have three theories regarding this:

a: It’s (useless) work in progress.
b: They are trying to make Cubase just a little bit more awkward and silly in order to set it apart from Nuendo, which is 3x the $.
c: Both a+b

One could raise a fourth one, being they don’t know what to do with their time in office. I doubt that though. There’s been a trend throughout the creative software industry in abolishing older, slightly unusual yet very effective workflow- / UX paradigms, hoping to make the software more accessible to even the tiniest mind in order to broaden the target market. A bit like Hollywood, that at some point realised that if they refrain from showing blood in cinema, even small kids can watch any flick that would have previously been 18+. The bodycount remained the same however.

Sa-weet! Thanks man, I though about this but didn’t get to look up on it yet…what’s the .xml file name?

Edit: UserPrefs obviously. What line or parameter name is it though? Never had to edit an .xml before, and was slightly confused not to find hex values formatting for the colours. Couldn’t make sense of the 7 digit values, is one of them the alpha? Thanks in advance.

Two things left: old Mediabay and plugin menu look, but that’s probably hardcoded. Maybe time to turn to the almighty…

You can copy-paste colors from other settings, that seems to be the only way go around it…

Yep ! Good question ! :

  • Which xml file is it ? … And …
  • Is it possible to change all parts colors, like grid, loop area, inspector, in editors or project window, and so on ? … Thanks ! :wink:

They’ve done it so the overall hue of the background is also present in the visual feedback included plugins, like delay etc.

Took me a while to get what I wanted, but I don’t an an issue with the new colour options. People shouldn’t be trusted with fully customisable colour palettes in my opinion. I’ve seen some real shockers from screenshots etc :laughing: :laughing:

I like it, made it darker, looks great, and much easier on the eyes.
Don’t mind some restrictions on the color palette.

Any progress regarding .xml editing? Please share if so. Cheers

Says the guy wasting his time making ridiculous blind assumptions on an internet forum.

Says the guy wasting his time commenting on such? hahaha…