Colors Limitation for customization in 9,5

Hi guys,

Why we cannot select “Any” color for the user interface options in preferences ??
There is a range that we can select, but i’m not free to set any Hue, Saturation, Brightness I want.
For instance, I want the focus border color to be black, but I cannot select black because my lowest brightness is 51.

What’s the logic behind this limitation ??

Yeah, I find this restriction pretty annoying. The range of colors available for backgrounds are all way too dark for my taste.

Your question is right - why do this in the first place?

I would like to see Cubase have a fully customizable colors with the GUI individually/separately for all the main sections (including borders…and including button brightness level like they used to have!), as well as custom colors for automation lines (when you use brighter backgrounds, the automation lines sometimes nearly disappear).

Turns out you can get more flexibility in color choices. First in Color Schemes select the Custom color box. When you do this a color selector box will open that only allows you to select a limited range of colors - pick one close to what you like. Now in the Custom Colors section you can change the color of individual elements such as Project Area Background. The color selector that this opens lets you adjust the color across the entire range for Saturation & Brightness, but it does not let you adjust the Hue at all.

So it seems the process is to set the Hue in Color Schemes and set Saturation & Brightness in Custom Colors. While this doesn’t let you set any element to any color, it does give a lot more possibilities.

While I’m glad to have some additional flexibility this seems an odd design choice. Kind of like putting a steering wheel in the car’s trunk.

I was really hoping this was a bug rather than a planned feature.
I don’t see how there are more possibilities than before, and to my thinking, it’s not flexible at all?
If I select a blue-ish theme in the “Colour Schemes” box, I’m stuck to various shades of blue.
I might be doing this wrong, but I can’t see how to get a similar colour scheme that I had in V9 (Cycle was a pale red, active cycle was a purple, main background was pale blue - that type of thing).
I like some of the new features in 9.5, but this colour thing doesn’t work for me at all.
I’ll go back to V9 for now (nice and easy on the eyes!) and check in here to see if I’m doing something stupid and 9.5 will allow more colours!

Exact! It is really annoying! I still didn’t find the logic behind this “feature”. It doesn’t make any sense to me :confused:

:imp: :smiling_imp: But !! One’s I choose a theme colors, let’s say… purple, for all other customizable color parts “personnalzed” colors ! :laughing: :laughing: , I ONLY have the choice betxeen dark purple or bright purpule !!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

How developers thought this stupid feature would please to users ??? I WANT REAL PERSONNALIZABLE COLORS !! One has EVEN less possibilities than before !! How can Steinberg be so idiot ?? They are mental defective ?? Are they affraid users use bad colors ?? Can’t they let us have just a little choice ? All the gui have the same sad color, now !

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: I can’t believe to see how much steinberg choice are at that level idiot ! Unbelievable ! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

People who have sight problem are going to be very very happy !! I hardly hold back very bad words for those who decided that ! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

And we had to pay for that !!! :imp: :smiling_imp:

Mais je dirai quand même qu’on a à faire à une sacrée bande de connards ! Qu’on leur greffe des lunettes qui rendent malvoyant, qu’on rigole à notre tour !

Maybe cubase 10.0 will be only in black & white … And grey !

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Thanks for making the colours settings less flexibe, much appreciated. What a downgrade, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Also, the new plugin menu is such a strain to the eyes, the text is full burning white, and with that bold font totally fecks me in the head tbh. The “old style explorer” lines and boxed crosses for hierarchy indication were superb, as were the dots for visibility - these “tick marks” totally break the visual code.

Edit: forgot to mention that there’s still no option to set colours between the audio and note editor separately . I simply don’t get it, two entirely different data types have to share the same editor colour configuration? Who in gods name would ever come up with this?

Please note, this is a pretty good update otherwise. I don’t enjoy ranting at all, the software is on a brilliant path. ( Apart the aforementioned colour thing and the right hand zone Media Bay, which has become a complete disaster in 9.5, but more on that in another thread )

It’s decisions like this that gets users upset…
the wasted man hours on “developing” this abhorrent way of “customization” is what our $60 upgrade partly paid for…

Meanwhile, we can’t get our CMC’s updated because they have no time…
Sometimes you have to just symfh.


I’d pay - and this is no joke - 500€ right away to get full access to all gui colours.

Yeah, opening that was pretty jarring. Hope it was an oversight and not the new fall colour(less).

Maybe they did this to present a full customisable colors feature as a major next update ! :laughing:
People from marketing could have that much stupid idea and some lobotomised by marketing users could applause ! :unamused:

+1, let’s do 100% white for everything, apart from the gorgeous steinberg logo obviously.

Can’t be an oversight. They had to go out of their way to actively limit the choices we can make in the color picker.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

I personally love the new way. It prevents lots of design issues when it comes to customization and makes the entire process easier.

There’s nothing to say agains ease of use, unless it comes at the expense of flexibility. This is the pro version, and thus needs more of the latter. I’ve fiddled with this the whole day, and since 9.5 it’s absolutely impossible to get it decent looking if you’re after a dark look that suits low light conditions in the studio. The approach is fully flawed, both for those who want it pretty dark and those who want it pretty bright, an absolute disaster. Everything is grey in grey, rendering the GUI less accessible. This is just so incredibly frustrating as it takes away important settings, and in the same time introduces the much needed performance optimisations. I can only hope Steinberg is going to at least revert this back, or alternatively bring back the options previously available. Same goes for plugin-menu - this is just mind bending and painful to look at. I hate paid downgrades, I really do…and the GUI is naturally extra important, because that’s eventually what you get to be looking at ALL the time. Show stopper.

Got it dark here by just lowering the brightness. Works fine here.

OK, because I simply cannot let go off it, here’s the caps. I am not saying this or that one is better for anyone, but it visualises why I prefer the 9.03 one- due to its higher contrast. It simply lets you spot things quicker, again it does it for me. Compare for yourself:

9.03 - high contrast setting :

9.5 - highest possible contrast ( lowest possible GUI luminance )

Everything is just one grey goo in the new version, really looking forward to the headaches.

Edit: mind the selected track…clearly sets itself apart in 9.03

Problem is, you cannot set the brightness lower than something around ten, plus there’s GUI parameters missing that were previously available - for instance Desktop cover or whatever that was called…there’s a few other ones missing, too.