Colour bar


I loaded a .cpr file from SX2 into Cubase 6

It works fine EXECPT something new has appeared that wasn’t there before!

Not sure how to explain this… but its a new section near the top of the page which is a long grey section with the same colours in it as the parts in the song.

It’s directly above the bar numbers of the songs and seems to scroll through the song when I drag the cursor across this.

It’s probably easy to get rid of but I can’t seem to find out how to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Screenshot please.

Here is a screenshot…

It’s the Project Overview line.

Can be enabled/disabled from the “Setup Window Layout” button on the toolbar.

oh… ok :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!

I should have come to you first and it would have saved me a couple of hours!



I LOVE the project overview! Quick and easy way to jump around the project without using the scroll bars.

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    it´s very easy to zoom in/out in the project overview and to find the right song position - great!