Colour - chord symbols / highlighting bars

I’m working on composing a piece for a quartet - and would find it helpful to make the text of some chord symbols or the background to the staff lines in one measure / bar coloured (for example it would highlight elements of the composition whilst it is “work in progress” and tell me to go back and think more deeply as to how well that chord / chord sequence e works).

Is this presently achievable or is it something that would be supported as a new feature in a version 4.x of Dorico Pro?


You can easily change the color of chord symbol text and many other objects. I don’t know an easy way to add a background color to a bar at present.

But for your purpose I recommend the comments feature. They attach to a staff at a rhythmic position, you can view them as a list in the panel on the right, and they can even be exported as an html page for review. I assigned a keyboard shortcut to View > Comments since I like to hide/show the signposts often.

Thank you Mark - you say I can “easily change colour of chord symbols” - please would explain how, as so far I cannot see any option to invoke colour only strike through or underline.


Stephen Bashforth

  • Select one or more objects of the same type
  • In the Properties panel (at the bottom) under Common, turn on the Color switch
  • Click on the black square to open the color picker

(For printing or export to PDF, note that you must do it in color, otherwise colored objects come out black.)

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Hi Mark,


It works - and it is really helpful. I must have had a mental block - I didn’t try the properties panel!

Many thanks

Stephen Bashforth