Colour Coding of Plugin Inserts

Hi All,

I thought this way my first post on the new forum but it’s not, and I have mentioned this idea before, but I guess it can’t hurt to throw it back out there. :rofl:
I would simply like a feature where folders, sub folders and individual plugins can be assigned a colour, so when looking at the mix console it would be much faster to find where for example EQ plugins are placed, in a busy mix session where things are looking quite small it would be nice to be able to get an over view of the plugins used on a channel and not needing to zoom the mixer or open channel edit before opening a plugin editor.
This would be a god send for me when using external hardware as a plugin. I have about 20 bits of hardware setup as extenal effects and when recalling a big mix it would be a huge time saver to be able to look through the mix console and easily identify each bit of external hardware.
Love to know other users thoughts on this.


colours are used for pre/post indication already

I am aware of this.
Also their location in the plugin chain shows you pre/post fader as the pre/post line can be dragged and moved. Additional colour could be added with a bar or outline, for example pre and post could be indicated by having coloured tab/line down the right side, adding this functionality should be set by the user so you can leave it as it is currently or have extended options that suit your workflow.