Colour Menu - can you set defaults?

Niggly question. I know I can change the colours in the menu for colouring tracks, and can rename them next to the colour. Great, but I can’t seem to do this and save them so that every time I start a new project, or even enter an existing one, the same renamed list is there. Can I set my list as default?

I’ve saved other stuff in preferences, but cannot find a way for this. Help appreciated.

Yes you can just go down in color menu you will find what you need .

It’s ok, just everytime I pressed Options, it naturally contined to the “Reset Current Set to Factory Settings” without me realising. Was seriously questioning my sanity. Bloody annoying though!!

Ok . Then it might be bugs. It works with me and no issues.

It is because when I went to Project olours to open the box to edit colours, the Reset Current Set to Factory Settings was in exactly the same place and it clicked it without me noticing, sorted now, thanks for the reply.