colour themes save as presets

Hi :slight_smile:

This may be come out as a weird question,but, has anyone been able to successfully create a custom colour scheme they actually like?

Only I spent a fair bit of time,tweaking, and creating some custom colours and storing them as a preset.Finally settling on some soft blues and greens,ha,ha,for the main themes.

What say you?


A picture would be good.

I’m in color shock coming back to Cubase from Studio One.

I still use S1 but I’m liking working in both.

It’s so black and white.

That’s fair enough.
I haven’t posted a picture as yet,as I’m still deciding,heh,heh
But would have been great to have imported the custom themes from Cubase 9.5,or have the same colour customising setup as in the previous versions of Cubase