Combine EQ and Delay Plugins to make them higly versatile and powerful

Historically happened that we have few EQs in Cubase - Frequency, Studio EQ and channel EQ. And all of them have some unique features - Studio EQ and Channel EQ have number of different curves, which make it very versatile, plus channel EQ have comparison channels. But for some reason Frequency doesnt have this features. I’d really like to have Frequency as channel EQ (always under my hands) with Studio EQ curves and comparison feature!

Same with Delays, Multitap is awesome, but I’d wish it have stereo mode (separate delay timing), ping pong mode, so we can switch them, without changing plugins and diving in preferences too deep.

Also that would be great to keep some adjustments (at least attack and release) in channel strip - so we can switch between compressors and see which sounds better in particular case.

attack and release settings (characteristics) differ with the types of compressors, that’s one reason for their difference in sound

Steinberg Frequency EQ should be permanent oN customizable in the channel EQ. So there will be no need to insert EQ anymore.

but still it havent all curves of channel eq and no comparison feature

true, and that a reason I want this feature.
Look like this done in PSP Infinistrip and you’d agree that it’s very handy way to choose compressor which behavior suits better!