Combine Flows


Newbie question. Is it possible to combine flows to make one longer flow?

I am working on a medley and have been playing with flows creating each piece as separate flow and would now like to put these together.



At the moment you would have to copy from one flow and paste into another to combine them.

Thanks Daniel. Maybe something for a future version? Would be great for mapping out ideas.

Maybe it’s not necessary to combine the flows. If you allow flows to start on the existing page, you’ll hardly be able to see when a new flow starts. and you’ll still have your ideas as separate flows for later revision.

It’s 17 months later in this topic.

I have a Trumpet Tune and Air for organ in two separate flows. I created it in two flows because each section has it’s own title: “1. Trumpet Tune” & “2. Air”.

However, after the Air is played you go back to the Trumpet Tune segno and play to the fine (end of the Trumpet Tune). However this does not playback at all because they are two separate flows. I can understand that flow 2 cannot see the segno in flow 1.

Am I correct in saying there is no way to combine the two flows except copy and paste? And no way to have it play back correctly unless I combine the two flows. That would mean having to manually create a new title page in the middle of the flow. How would one go about doing that? I have an idea.

Once all the music is in one flow:

  1. have the Air start on a new page. Pull the Air music frame down to make room for a text frame to put in the title information. However, I wouldn’t be able to use tokens because you can’t store more than one title per flow. I would just write the title in the text frame.


  1. if the Air starts on the same page where the Trumpet Tune ends, in engrave mode moe the first system of the Air down a bit to make room for a text frame for the title.

Looks like I answered my own questions ha ha. However, the act of writing this out helped me think it through, and perhaps someone else may find it helpful.

Is this the best way of doing this? Have I missed anything?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Yes, you have to copy and paste to combine two flows together, and yes, I think adding the title for the second flow by way of an override text frame is the right approach.

Merry Christmas to you too!

What about coying the first flow to the end and make a special playback layout?

Is combining flows in the plans?

It’s not a high priority, but it is on the backlog.

Combining two flows by copying and pasting woes not work well

  • when there are some divisions and
  • when the players between two flows are different.

An automatic combination would be necessary.

Well to be fair if you’re trying to combine flows that are fundamentally different (different players) then that’s something that should be a manual operation, shouldn’t it?

I would think it wouldn’t be a fussy operation with the handy System Track which makes it so easy to select everything. Just align the two flows, e.g. if you have different players then straighten that out first, then select and copy everything using the system track in one and paste in the other. A bit of trouble but not too bad is it?