Combine MIDI Controller Lanes Option for MSB + LSB CCs

Many MIDI devices send/receive high-resolution controller data by way of MSB + LSB MIDI CC pairs. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to edit the data (in any DAW that I’m aware of), because the MSB and LSB MIDI Controller Lanes are always separated.

A convenient solution would be to offer a “link” or “combine” option in each CC Controller Lane of the Key Editor, etc. When two Controller Lanes are linked, they form one “super lane,” with the combined resolution of a standard pitch bend lane (so, not a lot of extra UI programming necessary). Cubase could then automatically separate the values into their respective MSB + LSB controllers on playback. Or, when the Controller Lanes are unlinked by the user, any recorded MIDI CC data could be automatically separated into their respective lanes.

Easy-peasy! :slight_smile:

I would be interested in this as well. If it can be made to work, it would solve “127 step CC problem” and extend usefulness of MIDI CC automation.

I tried it in Cubase 9 with 14bit MSB+LSB signals sent from MIDI Designer Pro 2 on iOS, result was this:
Along with having the data on separate lanes, at the moment the biggest issue appears to be that not many devices (plugins or hardware) support 14bit MIDI CCs. After a quick search, I found the following:

  • Behringer BCR2000 controllers
  • some DJ controllers
  • MIDI Designer Pro 2 iOS controller app
  • some Moog devices, such as Little Phatty
  • plugins from U-He (though after testing, there does not seem to be much benefit other than compatibility)

After more searches, I found an interesting message on KVR, written by a developer of a famous DAW:
So apparently, though it is in MIDI specification, 14bit dual CC control is not simple to support.

In any case, the possibility for combined MSB and LSB CC lanes in Steinberg DAWs would be very welcome.

MIDI pitch bend messages are, per the MIDI Spec, 14-bit MSB + LSB pairs. As such, support for this functionality is more-or-less already built into every sequencer. All that’s missing is a switch that says, “treat these two CCs as a pitch bend message,” at least, for the purposes of viewing and editing the data. Converting the data back and forth on the backend is trivial.

A crude workaround might be to convert the CC data to pitch bend data via the Transformer, perform your edits in the Key Editor, and then convert back. But that’s so tedious, it’d be easier to just re-record.

Admittedly, I read the linked discussion but still don’t understand the complication. So long as Cubase follows the MIDI Spec, all should be straightforward. And if only a handful of instruments support this optional component of the Spec, c’est la vie. It’s not Steinberg’s problem.

I’ve been recording in midi data from my MatrixBrute which is 14 bit, it would be nice to be able to edit it rather than having to record it in again! Come on Steinberg…

I also think this is a good idea.

+1. This problem was solved in Sonar many years ago. For to pitch bend exactly half-tone I pitched whole tone and interpolated it halfway. It`s very important idea.

+1. That’s very easy to achieve in Reaper. I’d love to see it in Cubase