Combine MIDI velocity with curve or ramp

I have a MIDI ostinato that I’ve recorded, to be played staccatissimo, that includes some accents and varied velocities. The ostinato repeats many times.

I’d like to gradually increase and decrease the overall velocity for the ostinato as the piece develops. (i.e. I’d like to add a varying ‘multiplier’ that exaggerates or attenuates the velocities that I’ve programmed.)

Up until now, I’ve just been editing the velocities manually; adding a little velocity for some repetitions, and subtracting for others.

Is there a way to combine note velocity with a ramp or curve in Cubase 11?

There may be several ways of doing what you’re after:

  • via a midi insert called Midi Modifiers
    automate the Velocity Shift parameter

  • via the Midi Modifiers section of the inspector
    automate the Velocity Shift parameter

  • via editing the velocity lane in the Key Editor
    select a desired range of notes where you want to increase or decrease the velocities over that range, then grab the handles at the top left or top right edge of the selected range, and move them up or down as demonstrated by Greg Ondo (he’s got tons of Cubase material on YouTube).

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