Combine multiple songs into single document

I’d like to have a single document with different songs (different titles, copyright information, keys, meter, etc.).

Is this possible in Dorico?

Absolutely, that’s the whole point of flows!

The one thing I’ve had actually published (not my compositions to be clear, but I did do most (but not all) of the transcriptions, and all the Dorico work) was 10 songs, a couple of pages with photo layouts (to fill empty facing pages), and a table of contents. All done in Dorico in a single file.

OK. So how do I do this?

Put each song in a different flow. In Layout Options one can direct that each flow starts on a new page, or one can have each flow start on the final page of the previous flow (if room remains).

I created additional flows. I noticed that the nProject Information I entered for the second flow does not appear on the screen. It needs to. (Different lyricist.)

Make sure that the token in your Page Template uses the FlowLyricist, not the ProjectLyricist.

How do I check for this and change it?

In Engrave mode in the right panel double click First Page Template. There you’ll see the tokens and you can retype what you need.

If you are doing a compilation with different data for each flow, you probably want to change the flow heading template, rather than the page template.

Here’s a resource that you might find useful:

And an old video: