Combine Tempo Equation and New Tempo Marking?

Hi, I am wondering, is there a chance to combine a tempo equation with a new tempo?

As of right now, the tempo equation would delete the new tempo text and vice versa, and it feels a bit awkward to place the new tempo 1/16th rest into the new bar.
Thanks for your help!

We will have to wait for a more advanced editor (I can’t wait :wink:) for tempo markings to avoid workarounds such as a different font or add multiple indications but with consequent spacing problems.
Metrico is a good option but, being ultimately a system object, alignments with other tempo markings (e.g. rit.) are lost.

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Thanks Mati, I appreciate your reply! Same here, I can’t wait for the next update.
All best, Sebastian

Can you enter the two tempi notations on slightly different parts of the measure the way one can finesse a fermata and breath mark by entering one of them a 32nd note after the other on the grid?


It is certainly possible, but any spacing changes that alter the grid can lead to undesirable results. I tried with a very large and complex orchestral score but it was an editing nightmare!
There is now a really good workaround with MusGlyphs (excellent work by Dan Kreider) in its variants MusGlyphs-Roman/MusGlyphs-Roman Bold: MusGlyphs: Bravura for writing in time signatures and other glyphs - #90 by mati

p.s.: I don’t know if an editor for more complex tempo markings will be present in the next update or even just planned… Mine is just a hope!

Yes, MusGlyphs-Roman (and RomanBold) is exactly the solution here. It’s still being developed, but the link @mati posted should still work.