Combine voices?

I’ve entered a good bit of music on one staff in two voices. Is there a way to combine them into one voice with shared stems?

I believe if you copy “voice 2”, delete “voice 2”, the paste using the chord function (Q), it should work. Test before you do it, I might have missed a step.


That’s another very good reason to use chord mode :wink:

If the voices are rhythmically identical, one neat way to do this is by copying the whole passage, and then invoking Edit > Paste > Paste Special > Reduce (which I’ve assigned to cmd+R)

Or you could select the second voice and do Edit > Voices > Change Voice… with Chord Input active. The third proposition, isn’t it? You’re spoilt for choice. :wink:

To add to the repertoire… Select all the notes in both voices (e.g. click in the bar), then Edit > Voices > Change Voice > Up-stem Voice 1. This works with or without Chord Input active.

Now, if I could define a keyboard shortcut for this…

Thank you everyone.

andgle, your solution works the best for me. Cut the notes, and Paste–Reduce. I’ve taken your suggestion of Ctrl-R as well. THANKS! Huge time saver.

Marc, you may convince me to use chord mode eventually, but I got around it this time… :wink:

Dear Dan,
As I told you earlier, the day you will want to copy-paste lyrics to tuplets… there is no other way round!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by that. I saw you mentioned that before but I’m not clear. Can you explain? How would chord mode affect copying and pasting lyrics in anyway?

Happy you got it resolved! I find cmd+e and cmd+r to work well for explode/reduce. (IIRC, one of them was assigned to something else by default that I don’t use too much, so I reassigned it)

I believe Marc is still baffled by your omission of the chord mode key command, as discussed in a previous thread. Chord mode affects pasting by acting as a sort of “merge mode” (I believe…?), which is particularly useful when working with tuplets and lyrics, as shown in these threads:

Thanks Anders! You got my point.
What I notice after using Dorico over a year and a half is that every little piece of it has been thought (probably discussed by engineers/musicians), so every piece is there for a reason.

Chris, have you tried AutoHotKey? I just programmed this command to F6, and it works great.

send !e {Up 5} 
send {Right} 
send {Up 2}
send {Right} 
send {Enter}

I see that AHK is a windows only app, is there something like this for the Mac?

AHK is AutoHotKey by the way, a free keyboard macro (Windows)program - I looked it up :wink:

An equivalent for macOS would be Keyboard Maestro for example (it is not free though):

Having said this, one can actually use macOS’s built in capabilities, Automator and AppleScript.

Fantastic, Dan. I’ve been following the AHK threads with great interest. When my current project is out of the way I’ll be diving in. This is great to start me off!

Worked for me thanks

You can indeed assign this to a key command…