Combined Articulation Playback Noteperformer


Is combined articulation playback supported in Dorico 2.2?

As far as I can tell, no it isn’t. If I have a slur with an accented first note, the first note plays as a quasi-staccato accent, separated from the rest of the slur.

Is there a temporary workaround for this?

Peter, have you fiddled with the note length settings in playback options? You can somewhat tweak the settings to get what you want.

The main problem I have is with accents under slurs, the second note will not be slurred, giving an unrepresentative playback.
I would very much like to resolve this issue…

Arne is working on an updated expression map for NotePerformer that will provide a greater number of combinations of playing techniques, which is I think coming soon.

Ok, thanks for the update on this subject and ofcourse, the major, wonderful actual update :slight_smile:

As of today, multiple articulation playback is supported in Noteperformer 3.2.0!

Yeah! Just installed!