combined articulation (ten and stacc)


a customer of mine doesn’t like the way, Dorico places the combined articulation (tenuto and staccato). He would prefer the whole articulation outside the staff. But when I move the articulation outside the staff, the distance between both parts of the articulation is too wide (see picture bar 2). Any clever workaround for this?
I would like to ask for an option to keep this articualtion outside the staff.

You could make a Playing Technique and use that instead… the single Bravura glyph has a greater distance between line and dot, compared to what Dorico uses as a default… but combining two glyphs works fine too… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the new controls for articulation placement in Dorico 3.1. I wonder, why there are only added 7 instead of 8 options for the placement of the main articulations (left panel)? There is not option for the placement of staccato-tenuto. Therefore I still can’t find a way to influence my case (see above). I can change the placement of staccato, but I only want the staccato-tenuto to go outside the system, not all single staccato dots as well.

We would need an additional option to force both the staccato and tenuto marks outside the staff, which we do not currently have. This is something we’ll look at again in future.

Thank you.
It would also be nice, when the stacc and tenuto gap would get automatically smaller, when I move a combined articulation out of the system.

We can’t do this if you drag it out of the system. I think we will need to have a semantic way of saying you don’t want it to appear in the staff, e.g. a special property.