combined driver for ASIO with WDM - user experiences ?

I stumbled on the following programs that should make it possible to combine the ASIO driver and other drivers (like WDM or as it seems anything else) so the audio signal can be interchanged directly between DAW/programs/browsers/exernal HW.

Any users are experimenting or using this type of software, and if so: do they deliver as promised ?

tx for input.
I’ll be experimenting with it too, but any insight or advice for obstacles is appreciated !

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ok, i started the test with the banana version of voicemeeter. :slight_smile: (that’s the complex version of it)
Made a proper donation. And of we go.

This is actually very interesting stuff. It works. No doubt about that. Clean install, no adware.
What is does (as i have discovered so far):

  • it’s a form of virtual audio cabling. It just loads all available types of audio drivers and combines them, and you can route them in multiple directions. Nice !
    It has assignable inputs from any of the drivers, and the same for outputs and it has several busses so you can multiply outputs to different locations. So you can have multiple hardware cards involved here that work together! Not everybodys need, but it is nice.
    It does this without a problem so far. In fact, it sits between your normal audio drivers and leaves them unharmed and delivers incoming signals to anything else in your system that connects to the native VM asio or other drivers. Everything can go nearly anywhere…

  • usb micro to steinberg. No prob;

  • record audio from browsers :slight_smile: : no prob

  • even your own little wdm microphone on your laptop straight in to cubase… like all before mentioned too… no prob.
    It is a big crossroad for any form of audio coming in to the system.

Buffers and latency are driven by output A, which uses the native settings of your hardware. So depending on what you are using, this is quite powerfull.

Still very early in the discovery phase though, since the routing is a bit complex.
Probably not a replacement for advanced gear with plenty of inputs outputs, since it seems to take a stereo in/out from the hardware’s driver, not all of them. But i will check on that later. There are other cables and programs that could be involved. Not sure of this for the moment.

This type of crossroads overcome the limitations of the native asio drivers and can help your cubase experience to improve.

Very creative stuff this is… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Any other user experiences are very welcome!

EDIT: and watch the video’s on the site. You’ll notice that you can even chain VST’s in your WDM or any signal path within the program. They in fact made a bit of a copy of reaktor as an add-on for the program… wicked :stuck_out_tongue:
The video’s themself are not the best available, but jeez, this is very nice to have, and donation ware!!
My thoughts on this kind of software is to be fair on that point. This is crazy value for money.

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Hi All,

I (John Shield) wrote the first ASIO Link technology back in late 2012 - early 2013 and released ASIO Link at now available at

It has come a long way since then and is the fastest solution on the block.

  • 25 client multi-client ASIO with no added latency.
    4 or 16 WDM devices
    64 IN and 64 OUT ASIO channels
    Runs in the same process space as your DAW (i.e. it is an ASIO driver)
    NETWORK support

For those who have higher demands than this we can customise a version for you if you need more channels or devices.

Check the “Services” item on our site at

John Shield
O Deus Audio

Odeus works very well