Combined imput & outputs imposible

Greetings to all. I’m trying to set up my Cubase 12 elements inputs and outputs. I use an audio interface that works well, (U-PHORIA UM2) both inputs and outputs but when I try to put the input through the interface and the output through the speakers of my mac, I can’t get it to detect the mac, therefore, it doesn’t I can put outputs, just the interface. I have already looked at all the possible configurations, checked everything (even on the Mac itself, input interface, output by system) but then Cubase does not detect the system as output, only the interface. So, either inputs and outputs per interface, or per system, but not combined. I can only use headphones because of my interface but it is very uncomfortable. I need help please, since I have reviewed all the possible parameters and there is no way. Thank you very much for your help.


Cubase can use only one ASIO driver at the given time.

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On the Mac, you can use an aggregated device to combine different input and output devices. But this introduces other problems, like latency or instabilities.


Thanks so much. think the best option is buy external loudspeakers.