Combined Select Tools - is it realy what we wanted ?

Combined Select Tools - I don’t see any special benefits here.
the idea is obviously right, but the implementation doesn’t really add much to the way I work

I still have to cut the clip to change the gain of interesting region.
whether I will do it the old way (alt mouse click to cut) or the new way (select and shift-x to cut) - where are these benefits ?
after cutting clip you need to avoid crackling by doing micro corssfades and glue the entire clip again - so where are the real benefits of this new groundbreaking tool ?

when you start drawing on audio clip with pencil tool you see a “new” gain line (blue),
this tiny line also controls the gain of the clip,
in additional, you don’t have to cut the clip into smaller areas and changes to this line make changes in waveform image accordingly
all you have to do Steinberg is add Combined Select Tools to suport this existing feature - this is the way it should be done IMHO

no shortkeys, no cutting, no crossfades, no gluing - pure workflow :slight_smile:

This also applies to midi and everything else, automation etc… it’s still the same tools as we know and love, simply now without needing a shortcut. If you’ve ever used Logic / Ableton / Studio One / Pro Tools you’ll appreciate this feature. Applies to so much more the simply cutting audio regions.

I’m talkig about clip gain changing, not just cutting the regions but as you know in Cubase you can’t do one without doing another, so…
If you had to do something with PT then you know what I mean.
As I said, direction is ok, but finale true implementation again takes at least 2-3 versions of Cubase…

You can control clip gain from pulling the clip gain line down from the top of the region, waveform reflects the volume change. Is that what you mean? You don’t need to use the pencil tool, when you hover over a region that little square on top is the clip gain a just pull that down. You can further tweak with pencil tool, they are separate.

you don’t get it
let’s try again: in Cubase if you want to change gain in multiple regions in the same one audio clip you have to cut this clip for multiple clips and then change gain of each clip separetly using this squares on the top, after all you have to use crossfades and finally glue all cutted clips again in one clip
in PT you just select small region in audio clip and with smart tool changing gain but only for this selected region without need to cutting clip - simple and clean solution
The same it would be possible in Cubase if we could use this new Combined Select Tools for the blue gain line in audio clip (which appears when you select pencil tool)

Even in the promotional clip, Steinberg emphasize that this tool would improve gain support in the clip (they didn’t say anything about midi or controller automation in this video, although it will be useful there )

Funny, but probably no one works this way and changed the clip gain in the way that this guy from Stainberg showed in the video - by selecting tool from the top toolbar.
I used to do it by shortkey to cut clip (alt click), shortkey to change tool (key 1 or 2) or right click to select from tool menu…

I know what you mean, the selection tool should allow you temporarily affect what’s in the selected area. So if you range select bar 8-9 and pulled the clip gain down, it should only apply it for that range without the need to cut. If for technical reasons it has to cut it for you, then so be it.

I can’t see a great workflow improvement with this change either as it’s only a key press to swap tools anyway… for me, swapping tools by keyboard is quicker than having to expand track heights and pick upper/lower section of the event.

I get it, you want it to work like clip gain line in Pro Tools - you’re right, that is super convenient being able to range select areas and not split regions. Yeah if it worked more like automation lines it would be easier. I suppose direct offiline processing can sort of achieve this but it’s not using the new combined select tools, same as before.

i show the clip gain in protools on this gif.after the track header example (just made some feature request on the other day )
that would be great if added to cubendo

Wow that is a quick way of working. !!!