Combining and layering instruments

Hi All

I have just started creating music and I am so new to this you have no idea. I don’t know music theory but I am drummer, a lyricist and a decent guitar player.

I am comfortable with song structuring and the basic stuff like creating the rhythm guitar, groove and bass line.

My dilemma seems to be around the mechanics of putting it all together and layering other instruments, sounds and harmonies in a way that flows.;

Is there a source where I can see the application of these things in a DAW, preferably using well known songs? Or if not in a DAW at least a source that explains what sounds and instruments are used in a particular song and when and how they are introduced into song parts and removed from other parts.

This is the closest I have found but I am hoping there is something out there that is more “how to” and covers a big range of songs.

I know that a big part of music creation is the search for what works and going through multiple levels of review and refinement, but I could really use some guidance.

I appreciate my question is quite broad and is not Cubase specific, but I did not know where else to go.

Thank you