Combining Cymbals

I currently have a staff for clash cymbals and a staff for suspended cymbal. The suspended cymbal only plays one measure. It would make far more sense to have one staff that says “Cymbals,” with text indications for Clash v. Suspended. Of course, I would still want NotePerformer to play the correct sounds.

If there is a condensing option for this, that would also be fine. I am very sensitive about presenting a conductor with a lot of unnecessary staves.

How do I do this? Thanks!

(I’m no expert with percussion, but…) If these are separate players, could you put both cymbals in the same player? That should just lead to an instrument change (or both appearing, if they play simultaneously) when the suspended cymbal enters.

That sounds completely logical. I don’t know right off how to do it, but I will play around in Setup. Thanks.

Just drag the suspended cymbals instrument (the white box) onto the Cymbal player slot. Then delete the resulting Empty-handed player.

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Yes, @Janus is correct. I have literally just done this in a Player (plus a stupid cowbell)

Guess I am doing it wrong.
1-I clicked on suspended cymbals so that I saw a white box and dragged it to Clash Cymbals.
2-I deleted empty handed player.
3-Now, set up is different, but nothing else has changed. I still have both cymbal staves, although they now have confusing text.

Looks like you are in Galley view - where all instruments will always appear. What do you see in Page view?

same thing

Can you post a picture?

You might want to combine those instruments into a kit, so that you can choose how the instruments are presented, e.g. in a grid, or in a five-line staff. See here: