Combining Flows after musical XML importing

I am a new user so forgive me if this is a basic question or if i have posted to the wrong page
. When importing separate instruments using musical XML, Dorico creates a new flow for each. Is there any way to have them all import into the same flow so I can see all instruments integrated instead of a separate page for each instrument ? or perhaps combine flows once imported?

Each time one imports from XML into a Dorico file, the import goes into a new flow. Unless and until this is changed, you will need to copy/past form the new flow into the existing one.


Thanks for the reply, now I have to figure out how to copy and paste one flow to another. Is it the same for midi files?


If you use the system track to select the material you want to copy, that selects everything (including time signatures and e.g. chord symbols which might not be picked up if you Shift-click the music, for example).

Thank you, I will try it