Combining flows question

I need to combine 11 flows (orchestral scores) from about 2 pages each into a single project. All the separate flows are formated correctly (layout etc). The goal is to have a single score for the conductor and parts for the musicians. Every score has a different combination of players; some have not all the woods, brass or percussion.

Is there any way to get this done without losing the layout settings of the separate flows or will everything be reset to default when importing all of them into a single project? What would be the best way to approach this especially because the players are different in every flow?

The most obvious method here is to import one flow into another. But I’m sorry to say that all of the layout options and settings will be subsumed into the “mother” project.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

All going into a single collective…

Are layout setting like breaks also removed when exporting a score as flow? Or only when importing a flow into the larger mothership?

Have you tried to Copy/Paste from one file to the other? I don’t know if that preserves much in the way of formatting but may be better than Flow import.

That would make it into a single flow, right? Every flow has its own tempo map, so I think that would complicate things a lot. We have decided on working on every flow as a separate project and combine the PDF files instead. So only the bar number start of the project files have to be adjusted.

Maybe a silly idea, but couldn’t you save the whole file 11 times with different filenames, open each of them and delete 10 flows?

I think that’s exactly the opposite the OP wants :laughing:

Exporting and Importing flows are a bit different.

When you export a flow, you create a new project, which inherits all the formatting etc from the parent project.

But Importing flows does what the command says it does, which is to import the flows, and nothing else. In particular, it doesn’t import the layouts that contained the flows.

The formatting which depends on the layout options, master page formats, etc, are project-wide, and in the general case they might be incompatible if you imported flows from several different projects into one project.

Even within one project, you often have different breaks for the same flow in different layouts - e.g. the score and the parts. Dorico can’t know what you are going to do with the flow after you import it.