Combining Kontakt Instruments

A lot of Spitfire’s libraries have different techniques split across Kontakt instruments. For example, with Spitfire Chamber Strings, their techniques are split across two instruments: Core Techniques and Decorative Techniques.

Is there a way to combine them together on the same track with expression maps so the instrument can leverage all of the combined expressions?

For example, the Celli Core Techniques have most of the techniques I generally use. However, the Celli Decorative Techniques have the Tremolos. I’d like to keep one Cello instrument and not have to divide the music across two different instruments to be able to access the Tremolos.



Hi, yes, it’s fairly straightforward.

  1. Load your two or more instruments in Kontakt. Make sure each instrument in Kontakt is assigned to a different MIDI channel on port A.
  2. In your Expression Map, for each switch, you will assign an Absolute Channel Switch (via the button marked Abs Ch.) with the channel set to the channel of the corresponding Kontakt instrument.

That’s about it. By default, all the Kontakt instruments will come out on the same mixer channel. If you would like to have them go out separate channels, I believe @MarcLarcher made a nice tutorial showing how to do that.


I got it working! Thanks so much!