Combining midi files imported into Dorico

  1. I can import my piano score (as a midi file) from Cubase 9.5 into Dorico. All good
  2. I can Also import my midi file of me playing my melody line (w single piano notes on the piano) into Dorico, and I can make it into a nice lead sheet. But here’s the problem:

Question: how can I combine them into one score in Dorico?? I want to have my vocal line, on a single staff with lyrics, and then below it the piano score, just like real sheet music is supposed to look. In Dorico: Whenever I use the Import midi function: it pastes the score in the very back of the master pages, as a separate entity that I simply can’t find a way to combine with the melody line! I just can’t seem to paste it into my leadsheet in Dorico.

Any suggestions?
many thanks

I think for the time being, Dorico will always treat them as 2 separate flows… since they are indeed 2 separate MIDI files…

I think for now, you will need to import your piano part, then add the vocal line to that flow. Import your vocal line (goes into a separate flow), then copy and paste the vocal line part into the first flow that has the piano and created vocal line.

Once that works, delete the second flow.



Can’t you just export the 2 midi files as 1 single file?

Robby thanks so much…It is working that way. I note the trick is to first create an empty “flow” that has a vocal part THEN add an empty piano part (otherwise the vocal line will appear below the piano part, because it was added second. Then import my vocal and piano midi tracks, and THEN cut and paste them into the empty flow…Note: when I import a midi file: DORICO simply will Not let me add a part to it! It doesn’t seem to consider the imported midi file as a proper “flow” that you can add parts to! When you try to add a player it will NOT add it to the midi file–it will add it to an empty flow at the beginning. Even though it shows the imported midi file as a “flow” in setup–Dorico will not allow adding players to it. Many thanks

Dear Sinnerman,
In Setup mode, you can move the players up and down in the left panel, and it is reflected on the Full score layout. Just so you know the order is not that important in Dorico :wink:

Oh yes I see now thanks! Does it make sense to you what I’m saying about imported midi files not being considered a proper flow (in terms of not being able to add players to them?
In your experience, Do most Dorico users manually enter their notes? Having to manually choose the note values and enter notes manually seems so difficult and cumbersome. I’m just curious: do many Dorico users work that way? Don’t most players/singers want to play notes in on a midi keyboard while a metronome is clicking? and let the software choose note values and lay it out for you? new user, just curious thanks! Steve

Steve, that method has come up a few times (including in the past week) but not so many people are grumbling about it not yet being possible.

I suspect many of those of us that come from a Sibelius or Finale background have got very used to entering notes the traditional way (using numbers for rhythm and a MIDI keyboard for pitches) but those coming from sequencers prefer playing in to a click.

Flexitime/real-time input in notation programs has never been brilliant, and I’m sure when the Dorico team get round to implementing their version it’ll be substantially better than what the (notation) competitors have to offer.

Agree. I never use real-time input because
I hate to edit pre-sequenced score. It always end up being more time consuming than starting from scratch, unless you’re happy with poor engraving results.

You CAN add more players to the already existing MIDI file import. When you import your MIDI file, it creates a NEW FLOW. When you try to add players, you also need to add them to that NEW FLOW.

So, in SETUP MODE, add your new player. Then click on the NEW FLOW in the bottom, and ensure that the new player is selected in the left hand panel to be added to that NEW FLOW.

Does that make sense?


Thats good to know, thanks. HOWEVER it doesnt solve the issue that you cannot import multiple midi files into a SINGLE flow. even after follow those instruction i end up with a flow with all the instruments and zero notes.

one has to copy and paste the midi notation one by one into a flow with all the instruments. slow, clunky, time consuming. pretty ridiculous to be honest.
it should be as simple as having you instrument layout in flow 1, selecting the instrument on the left, right clicking, pressing “import midi” and then boom you have that instrument filled on flow1, rinse repeat for all the instruments in the flow until you have imported all midi tracks into flow 1.

It is possible to import multiple MIDI files into a single flow, if you have one for each instrument. If you switch to play mode you can drop a midi file onto a track in any bar and it will replace the contents of the instrument. If you are using a DAW that supports drag and drop in midi format (such as Cubase) you can drag directly from it into Dorico.


Paul, thanks for this trick - it’s saved me a bunch of time today!