Combining Multimeasure Rests?

I’m doing copywork and am working on the parts, and there are random empty measures next to multimeasure rests. How do I combine them? There are no signposts on these measures.

Welcome to the forum, wonkadini.

There must be something breaking them but, frankly, it could be any number of things. Without seeing the project, it really is impossible for us to know what.

I’m trying to upload a photo but it says I’m not able to. I’m also a new user so I can’t upload media.


Welcome to the forum wonkadini! Leo’s right, it’s most likely that there are items in those bars that are causing the break, so if you can share the project or a snippet of it we might be able to give you more precise advice. (If you apply the “Silence” playback template first, the file size will be smaller.)

Common multi-bar rest breakers are gradual tempo changes (like ritenuto), text objects, playing techniques, and fermatas.

I’ve liked your reply - does that give you the sufficient forum level to share your project now?


Nope, still not working. Hmmmmm. It’s also not allowing me to link anything.

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If we keep replying to you, then with any luck within a couple of posts you’ll be able to link or attach. These restrictions are an anti-spam measure applied only to new faces :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think in the community guidelines it says I should be able to post 1 picture, as I’m at level 0. I’m not sure why it’s doing that, unless it’s been changed.

Assuming that Steinberg are using the default settings listed here, you may need to read a little more in order to gain Trust Level 1.

Alright. Will be back in around 10 minutes, after reading some posts lol.

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Great, awesome. I’m at level 1. Anyway, here’s the screenshot.

It’s like bars 47-50 and 51-53.

Is this a Music XML import? Try selecting those single bar rests and just pressing Delete - they might be explicit rests, and deleting them reverts them to implicit rests.

If not, one other thing to check is that all types of signposts are shown, as a couple aren’t by default, then double-check there’s no signposts in those bars.

It was created in Dorico, so I don’t think it’s a Music XML import. All the signposts are on as well, unless there’s some hidden ones that aren’t under View>Signposts.

If you can share the project, or a version of it that just contains these bars if you’d rather not share the whole thing, that might be the quickest way to a solution. (Although that said, I’ll be heading off to bed shortly but hopefully someone else will be able to help!)

Singin in the Rain.dorico (1.1 MB) Here’s the project. It’s in the Percussion layout in the aforementioned bars.

It’s because you have chord symbols showing in the Vibes. If you hide all chord symbols for that player (in Setup mode), the multi-bar rests display correctly.

Like this:

I admit this isn’t intuitive…

Thanks! I knew it was a simple fix.