Combining rests of different voices

Is there a global command to combine the same rests in two voices on one staff?
I imported an XML and for some reason I can’t get the rests in different voices to combine, even when changing the settings in Setup/Notation Options/Rest Positioning.

What do you mean by combine? Are you talking about

  • staves of a keyboard part not matching (half-quarter in one, dotted half in the other)
  • two adjacent instruments
  • an extra beat rest in one part (which can be selected and erased if the Input tool is active)

I mean a situation like this where the double rests are just clutter. Changing the notation settings doesn’t seem to work here.
rests.tiff (67.3 KB)

Could you use the properties to end the second voice for that measure in order to eliminate the extra rests? I’m not sure it works consistently, but you might try it.

Derrek has the right answer I have been reading in another thread like three days ago. End voice in the properties of the last second voice note is the way to go !