Combining Triplets into Sextuplets

I have a file I have to clean up which has a lot of semiquaver triplets that should really be sextuplets. I know S* has a plugin that lets you combine tuplets, which is incredibly handy for this sort of thing, and I have a custom keyboard shortcut for it in S*. It was a feature I used all the time because it’s a common mistake a lot of people seem to make, so it’s something I regularly have to fix!

My version of Dorico (4.3) doesn’t have any solution for this except for using insert, deleting the tuplet marks to turn them back into normal 16ths, and then using the pop over to turn the notes back into the new tuplet. Using this feature makes me very nervous, however, as if you aren’t careful, you can seriously mess things up if you accidentally turn the insert feature on/off without noticing. Because I have to do so much of it, I am really reluctant to do it this way, as it feels like asking for trouble.

Can anyone tell me if a better solution for this has been introduced yet in Dorico 5?


No, we’ve not yet added any features to combine existing tuplets directly, but it’s something we do plan to add.