Combining Waves plugins folder in Cubase

Waves annoys me because whenever I go into an insert and point to a category (like dynamics, delay, distortion, etc), all the related waves plugins show up ALONG with my cubase and whatever other 3rd party plugins I have.

This wouldn’t normally bother me except for the fact that the large amount of waves plugins completely clutters the rest of my plugins.

Is there a way to go into the insert and have a category that’s just “Waves” plugins so that they aren’t spread all over the friggen place??

Thank you in advanced!

Create a sub folder in the VST Plugins folder. For example:


You could create categories instead such as VERB, COMP, DELAY, etc. In the case of UAD, I have 2 sub folders, Demo and Licensed.

In Cubase (I have Ver 5), in the preferences section un-select, “Sort VST plugins menu by vender.”

You can also gather the VST plugins that Cubase includes and categorize them. I have not done that.

Once your folders are set, copy the VST plugins to those folders, set the folders main VST folder in Cubase.

I’d like to do the rickschweitzer’s contrary…I want to place every plugin in the correct category:eq in te eq folder, compressors in the dynamic folder and so on…how can I do?

Which Cubase are you using?