Come si fa ad assegnare un suono a uno strumento?

la domanda è semplice… Ma non ne parla nessuno! :o(

Dorico assigns sounds to instruments automatically. If you want to change the default sound assignment, you do that using the Track Inspector panel in Play mode.

Yes, but it doesn’t work… Or… I am not able! :wink:

You’ll need to provide a bit more information about what exactly you’ve tried. Here’s a post that will help you to formulate your question in a way that will allow us to better assist you:

Yes. I had been able to create a new project, with the correct sounds (Halion Sonic). But, clicking on the “e” button, Note Performer appears! I believe I’d need a direct assistance…

Try creating a new project, adding a few notes, then save it, and attach it here. Please also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here as well.

this is today’s result
New Project 1.dorico (430.7 KB)

And that project plays back OK for you, I assume? It certainly plays back OK for me, using HSSE and with the default Yamaha piano sound.

Now it plays perfectly. This afternoon it didn’t play at all! I have no control over the sounds in Dorico. There is something that I don’t know, and don’t understand :o(