Come To The Trees

This story is about what you can feel when you go to the trees.
Land of the opposites, dark & sparks, animal species, various colors, and much more

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Hi Stephane,
Nice work, as always. The mix was very good, although there’s a lot going on. Therefore, it might take multiple listens to take it all in and make more specific references.
I thought you might throw in some more vocals in a new composition, since you’d dipped your toe in the water with that not long ago. No problem in not going there again. Every composition and recording is a new thing, after all. I did hear something that sounded like a vocoder in spots. Interesting that your title refers to “The Trees”. I’m currently working on a mainly acoustic track with a tentative title “Walking Through the Woods”.

Really satisfying, Stephane, I really like the imagery.

Great job @Stephco. The musical genre is well established with you, so there are no surprises regarding the stylistic aspect and the writing, although the use of the voice in the previous production was surprising and was offered in a very original way.

In this production, what appeals to my curiosity and which distances itself from previous productions is the mixing and processing of sounds. The dimensional aspect of this piece is very interesting and surprising.

I agree with @swetch, there is a lot going on and several listenings will be necessary to understand everything that is going on.

The title is rather interesting and can suggest so many meanings and symbolisms. The tree, is it not the symbol of life, in perpetual evolution.

@swetch , @Early21 and @Rene_L
Thanks for your comments.

For that one, I’ve reconstructed my whole workflow. In fact, this is the first time I’ve really paid attention to the Gain staging aspect for each individual track. The outcome is great. It really helps to control the final LUFS and Db you want to achieve. I finally find a way get the Loudness in the mix, before the master. And this is great.
I now have a pure production project from which i render stems to verse to a pure mix project.

Now, regarding the vocals.
Well, in the first versions, i had a voice. But i felt into a trap.
As Rene mentioned, my tracks have kind of style or footprint. And most of time, the flow is nonlinear, and not based on verses and chorus. So, the issue for me was how to write words/sentences to sing to fit accordingly.
To be honest, as my main goal was to rebuild the workflow, i quit the dilemma. I probably need more time to come with a solution.
What do you recommend? what are your experiences regarding that matter?

Can’t wait for your version of “Walking Through the Woods.”…

@Stephco, It’s hard to recommend anything on this. I don’t believe there is any recipe.

However, what I believe is that the message you wish to convey via the words and the sentences simply needs to find its place within the music. It simply has to fit into the overall density of the work and above all it doesn’t need to respect any patterns whatsoever.

Creativity must do its work and this is unique to everyone, you just have to dare…

Hi Stephane,
I don’t think you need actual lyrics to incorporate a voice in a song. Not saying that you need any kind of vocal line with this particular song at all, but if you did use them here I wouldn’t recommend lyrics at all, but more of a sung melody line, or voices doing a rhythmic figure.
Not sure if you’ve listened much to the French fusion band Sixun or to the Pat Metheny Group from the period between 1982-2005. They each tended to incorporate voices doing melodies, but rarely words. Something like that would probably fit this particular piece better. Jaco Pastorius’s Word of Mouth album contained more good examples of that. Even a prog rock band like Yes has good examples on albums like Relayer, or on a track like Siberian Khatru from Close to the Edge.
There always does seem to be some sort of learning curve or new priority with ideas, so it’s not like anything needs to be done with regularity. It’s just nice to develop new ideas and keep them in your musical bag of tricks for use when needed.

Thank you John , will take a close listening to those to explore further

Thx Rene, i have to reflect seriously.

Hey Steph, your work is still very experimental, I like how you try to express new stuff!

Hey man, thanks for your words. Happy you enjoyed.
Well, yes, this is where i come from for many many years… I played keyboards long time ago in a “zheul” band. Even if I’m listening to tons of very different Musics, when it comes to creativity, I’m trying to do something not too much heard, in line with the evolution of my “style”.

Hello Stephco,

it’s so satisfying to listen to rhythmic music without a traditional boring drum set.
It would be interesting to hear a ‘normal’ pop song using a similar implementation of sounds.

Good stuff!

Thanks, Arimus
Frankly, I’m not sure to be able to produce such “normal” pop song. I wish i could, really.
Anyway, thanks for your time listening