"Come Together"

I generally don’t do covers but… here’s my spin on a Beatles classic:

Come Together


It’s a very brave guy/guyess that attempts a Beatles cover…the only one I can think of that worked was Joe Cockers version of ‘‘friends’’… that’s strange if I write Coc…ker it comes out as rock, is his surname a naughty word or summat :question:
I do like the acoustic rendition of the basic riff, I think that is excellent but it’s a general thumbs down for the cover as a whole, but hey, you set yourself an ‘‘almost’’ impossible task and big respect for having a go, wouldn’t dare attempt it myself :mrgreen:

Sorry to give a negative review Ian…Kevin :frowning:

Great song and a good attempt at a cover. All the parts you played fit well but it sounds like a an audition tape to show to a local coffee house. I don’t mean this as a negative comment, it’s just that when you cover a song that has been done so powerfully, you’re going to get comparisons to the previous versions.

great mix ,acoustics sound good,this song has being covered by everyone ,this has an indie type feel.

I’d be interested to know who else has covered this, polgara. I ask because it’s long been my understanding that few have covered it because it itself was the subject of a lawsuit (I believe Chuck Berry sued Lennon-McCartney). Anyway, this version is better than the Telecom version, which I’m sure Ian’s familiar with. I like it, but I would have brought the vocal up some (or the rest of it down some)

Very nice! I really like the entire production! :slight_smile:

u tube it there are lots it seems to be a talent show favourite ,also it is a favorite with local cover bands ,a band i am playing with at the moment we have dabbled .

Wow…this may be my favorite cover version! Hat’s off sherz!