Coming back home to Cubase!

Ok, old school Cubase user. Red Parallel Port Dongle level stuff here.

But I switched to Logic, because-back in the day- it did have really great content and plugins. But the audio engine and its lagginess- and the need to “arm” an audio track before you can record to it (without dropouts) drives me insane.

So I just got Da Upgrade! Cubase 13 baby! Wow, I will admit I’m lost! So some quick questions:

  1. Is there any way to make Cubase automatically cut off the regions intelligently near the marker when recording? So you don’t have to manually go and trim the region to the ending point.

  2. Quantize, is there any way to make this show up in the track inspector on the side?

  3. Mix Console Single Window View: Is there a way to see the mixer, inserts and sends all at one time? I see the 3 icons that give me a choice, but I want to see them all like Logic.

Yikes and Mega Yikes! Need a wee bit of help and thanks!

Amadeus e.d.p.

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Hi @Amadeus-e.d.p

Have a read through these short guides.

Your first question.

I think you may be referring to the Punch In/Punch Out function in Cubase.

Scroll down in this link.

Quantize Functions:

As far as I know, the Quantize Functions are not available to show in the Inspector, only the Project Window Toolbar, the Sample Editor Toolbar and the MIDI Editor Toolbar.

Mixer Window:

I just use the F3 to bring up the Mixer Window,
but here’s a bigger picture.

Hope this helps.

Wow! It’s so weird how used to that being right there in the inspector in Logic. Maybe I just need to kinda learn the Cubase way and see where things end up.

It’s kinda strange not to be able to see the full mixer on the one page view. You can only see it in sections. Maybe I’m missing something.

Amadeus e.d.p.

No, you’re not missing anything.

From the Project Window, in the Mixer tab, you have to choose what you’d like to view. To view the full Mixer you need to open it.

There is always a learning curve when using a different DAW to what one maybe use to. Personally, I like the fact that different DAW’s have different layouts/functions and some different ways of doing things, it’s what sets them apart.

Cubase is a great DAW once you get the swing of thing’s.

Good Luck.

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In Cubase Pro, you get 3 mixing consoles, and you can set them up how you want them, to display or hide what you want, in whatever order you like.

Maybe it helps to go back to one of your old topics and read the conversation between cdr80 and myself about quantisation in Cubase and Logic. We touch the different working princples of both DAWs:

That was a previous version and I had no clue whether version 13 changed any related behaviors. Appreciate ya though!

Amadeus e.d.p.

Well, you see that your request for being able to see several things at the same time on the left zone area was heard and turned into a feature. Quantisation, however, is still the same.

Yep! They did a lot of cool things. That’s why I am on 13. I had version 6 for ages unused since it was current. Then they had that mega sale like a year or so ago and I jumped a million version. I still didn’t use 12 though.

I saw it had some cool features-and God is good so 13!. The Icona stuff is very nice. The new side display next to the inspector is a step in the eight direction. If we could see the master channel next to that one-that would be choice.

Cubase is very much a producers dream daw. It seems a lot of it’s users are power users and mixers and Logic, we’re kinda basic.

Amadeus e.d.p.

Amadeus e.d.p.

In fairness to myself because I’m partial-the current secondary panel in Cubase 13 is nothing like what I asked. I’m not saying it’s not useful or will be a great feature. It’s just not what I asked for.

In spirit, I wanted it like Logic 10. I can see the current track, plus the master track. Sometimes that secondary mixer turns into the sends channel you’ve selected. Being able to see this view is amazing.

Also-Quantize stuff is visible at the inspector level. Essentially the inspector and the current quick view option in 13 should be merged. I think that those tab hiding functions need to be done away with. Just find a way to show it all neatly in one inspector.

The Mixer. If I work in a single window, I can’t mix and see inserts at the same time. I have to switch between 3 different mixers according to what someone said.

I want the full Mixer in single panel view. I would like to be able to see the entire tracks mixer in one go.

Not being critical. Just offering my own take on what is holding me back.

Amadeus e.d.p.

What you write is already possible. So I assume that you mean something slightly else…?

If you’re mixing then just use the full mixer. You don’t need to see the arrange page. Just use key comands to go to your marker points in the song etc.
Cubase has a full channel strip etc so the full mixer shows much more than Logic hence it’s impossible to be able to see that if it’s docked at the bottom of your project.

If you use the control room you can always see your master out by enabling the right zone. Also if you make your own master bus like a lot of us do, you can use the zone editor (tab on the mixer menu) to always show that on the right…or left … of your mixer.

I tend to set up my mix busses and the master to always be on the right. That way they’re always visible and scrolling through the mixer doesn’t affect these channels.


Actually 4 mix consoles.

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It’s gonna be a learning curve, but it’s worth it. Cubase is more responsive. Logic’s audio engine runs like 3 seconds behind real time. It drives me nuts.

Amadeus e.d.p.