Coming From Logic Pro: How to Change Root Key for Project in Nuendo

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I am decently new at Nuendo and I am coming from a Logic Pro X background. I did have a hard time finding out how to change a simple task I would in Logic Pro X - changing the project’s root key. In logic, I use the upper HUD changing the key (lets say) from C major to B flat minor. Working in Nuendo, I found the “project root key” toggle on the right side settings. I think this looks to be the place where I can change project key. This next questions is probably a dumb one since I have little understanding how Nuendo works and I have limited knowledge of music theory. In Nuendo, how do you change the project root key to a minor or flat scale? Since there is no label for the drop-down menu I would have to assume the keys are in major keys. I am missing something? If this has been asked in this form or even in Cubase, let me know how to find this info out. Here are some screen shots below.




Cubase and Nuendo are not aware of Keys.

In fact, the term “Key” in Cubendo jargon actually refers to a piano key, not to tonality… e.g., the piano-roll editor is called the Key Editor.

Thr program uses chord symbols from the chord track as the basis for enharmonic spellings and modal information. You can also set a mode or scale in the Key Editor, but this will be global for the whole track, and not only the midi part.

The Score Editor is fully key-aware though.

Interesting. If I understand this, Nuendo/Cubase don’t really use key or scale to create a song. How would you setup a project with a song (say in C minor) so that everything is in scale. Would I need to focus on playing my Midi instruments in the correct scale and then transpose any audio samples to be in the correct sound of the scale?

I need to look into this further. Sounds like this could get complex.

The sequencer doesn’t have a global key signature in a master track like some programs, but the midi editors have modes you can snap the pitch to. It’s quite elegant, imo, and quite good for those who know their music theory.

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I think I am slowly getting it. Yes, I have played with the scale assistant in the key editor where I can lock my scale from my drawing or live playing. This feature plus a few others is what made me want to give a hard look at Nuendo and possibly switching from Logic Pro X. I am so use to setting up a scale for the full project it is a little hard for me to wrap my brain around it. Since it does not have a global scale for the project, I am unsure how this might shift other tracks or regions out of the scale or key of the project - like audio files in different key for example.

I found a YouTube video that seems to be about the topic: