Coming from v7.5 what are the gotchas?

I saw the promo and I’m curious about the upgrade. I already use v7.5 but currently my biggest wishes are:
1). Saving whole chains (i.e. inserts AND sends as a preset)
2). Render in place
3). Ability to change musical mode for multiple tracks.
4). High CPU usage due to not being able to do render in place.

I’m very much intrigued by the sampler track too. What are some things I need to watch out for coming from v7.5?

I believe all your wishes are in Pro 9.5. It’s going on a week since 9.5 has been released other than a few minor issues the reviews / posts have been mostly positive.

Is there a 7.5 skin for 9.5?

You can tweak the colors easily. I personally like the Cubase 9.5 defaults a lot better.

9.5 feels a lot faster and smoother than 7.5. CPU usage is much lower thanks to ASIO Guard 2 and the new 64 bit mixing engine, and graphics performance was also improved in this release (the difference is specially noticeably on Mac).

Here’s a refresher of what has been added since Cubase 7.5:

-Cubase Pro 8:
-Cubase Pro 8.5: +
-Cubase Pro 9:
-Cubase Pro 9.5:

There’s also a ton of undocumented tweaks and improvements, so expect a few surprises even if you read everything. A lot of things you dislike about 7.5 were likely changed.

Glad to hear that. I actually activated C8 stupidly, not knowing I could have kept it for a free grace upgrade later on. Never even used it. Just stuck with C7.5 because I love its look. I actually don’t like the dark look and the fonts of C8+.

I’d pay someone to skin C9.5 like C7.5 for me.

I did come from Cubase 6 and that was even not so good used and actually came from SX3. To C9.5 update now seems to work without errors or crashes. Though i had C9.5 stuck with the Jbridge 32bit plugin i think and cubase froze up because i rightclicked in a 32bit plugin. So for me now the most important is that C9.5 did not crash yet and no errors. Thought i had my moments.

Just like Halion 6 is like, the main thing is with C9 a new look and workflow that i like. Maybe i did not work with C7,C8, i still would prefer C9.5 above and would start C9.5. But for backwards Projects, i just did an SX3 project and could import it into Cubase 9.5, it needed some work but it runs the same as it would in C6or SX3. The main drop is 32bit plugins must use Jbridge, and that was the only hickup i had with C9.5 until now, i rightclicked into the plugin window and all froze. As far s speed the main problem was Midi Timing, and that improved to allmost so good, that i did not notice even any midi timing problems. That means from my external usb midi keyboard, controller, or any internal C9.x plugins processing. The most important is that Midi Timing and Latency are really smooth and fast, even with heavy load plugins etc. The timing stays. That is the best improvement i can say coming from C6, C9.5 runs and is not crashing and runs smooth.