command + 3 = crash

Is there a know bug of crashing when trying to go to engrave from write with command + 3? Searched but did not find.
It has happened a couple of times but I couldn’t reproduce it just now. Will be more watchful next time as I just lost two hours work because of forgetting to save regularly.

Dear Bengt,

If that can help, I invested a few euros in ForeverSave 2 in order to be sure I would not lose too much work in a crash… and I do not recall having that crash you are describing.

If you could please send me the crash logs, Bengt, we’ll take a look and see what happened. I’m very sorry that you lost work.

It’s my own fault really, got all involved in copying permutations.
The CrashReporter is too large to attach here. Sending a separate mail to Daniel.

While recreating my lost work I tried in various ways to repeat what caused the crash before but never succeeded.