Command Keys to Pop Open the Channel Settings?

I am TRYING to set a command key to popup - the Channel Settings dialog. So … say track 7 is the current select track; then pressing a command key, the Channel Settings dialog just pops open.

Right now, I have to go over to the left ‘E’ or Edit Channel , and click on that button. It’s TOTALLY wasting my life.

I looked in the Key Commands… dialog, but I can’t find it.

H E L P!!!

there is a key command for it but its “edit” instead of “open”.

in key commands, mixer>”edit channel settings for selected”

also in edit> edit channel settings

Thank you… it doesn’t work.

I’m NOT in the Mixer. I’m tracking, and in the left part of the window is the Inspector window. See the picture. I tried to assign the tilde key to ‘open’ or ‘edit’ it but it doesn’t work.

There’s one for the Project View too.

You can use the search box in the Key Command dialog to find commands –

i gave 2 options.

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Thank you BOTH. I got it work. There was a key already assigned (F12)…so great.

You just saved me 856.87 hours this year, and we’re only in January.