Command names in Midi Remote Scripts

Hi, while working with binding some commands from inside my script (NOT the assistant), I’ve found out that their names are not the same as the ones appear in the Key Commands list. The workaround was to create anothr test controller, use midi assistant, assign these commands and then find their “new” name from the json file created. However it took me some time to find out this inconsistency, and if I have to continue creating json’s in order to get the proper command names, it will take even more time.

Here are two examples:

// NOT working
// page.makeCommandBinding(MySurfaceHere,“Transport”,“Go to Project Start”)

page.makeCommandBinding(MySurfaceHere,“Transport”,“Return to Zero”)

// NOT working
// page.makeCommandBinding(MySurfaceHere,“Transport”,“Set Left Locator to Project Cursor Position”)

page.makeCommandBinding(MySurfaceHere,“Transport”,“Set Left Locator”)

You can see I commented out the ones that do not work.

Apart from that I think this should be fixed, my main question for now, is whether Steinberg can offer us a mapping of previous commands to these “new” ones, for example an xls or txt or whatever, containing these two columns:

[Key command as seen in the Key Commands List] [Key command as seen in json (thus while scripting too)].

Thank you.

you can find it in the programmer’s guide (the README_v1.html) in the examples sections.


You’re right, it’s there, I just have to click on the desired command and the snippet is copied (even though names are not always the same). However it does the trick, thank you!

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