Command or Option-Sentences in the Pref. are able to Copy

It would be very nice to search about several Options from the Preferences, just by Copy the Option-Name, and search it in the Operation Manual, the Knowledge Base, Steinberg Forum or even in the whole Network, to get clear with these Options.

For now, it isn´t possible to copy the Name of the Options, , to paste it anywhere to find out anbout it.
it´s a trivial thing, but it would be very useful, if i could just copy the Name of an Option and Paste it in the Search-Field of my PDF-Editor.

Thanks for Listen


Even better would be to have a “?” near each title and have it linked to the spot in the manual. The Cubase manual needs some major updates to improve these things. Stuff that any intern could do.

Regards. :sunglasses: