Command to turn ON record enable for a track, but not toggle?

I’m trying to set up a macro that ensures the currently-selected track/tracks are record-enabled, and initiates recording. using Edit - Record Enable works perfectly 50% of the time, but of course triggering it again to stop the recording also disarms the tracks from recording, so if I want to start recording again, I have to trigger it twice to re-enable the tracks for recording.

is there a command that only turns track recording enabled on, instead of acting as a toggle?

I can work with it as-is, if not, but it would be nice to be able to get that behavior down to a single button press (which I’m triggering from a controller).

Would it do what you wanted if you added the “Project Logical Editor - Disable of all tracks” command first? i.e.:

Or, if you don’t want everything else record disabled, just create a new PLE item that record enables the selected track, like this:

(I just used the “Enabled record of visible tracks” factory preset, and modified it so that property = is Selected, rather than visible)

You can then add that into your macro, or setup a key command for it directly.

There’s much you can do with the Project Logical Editor, very powerful.

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What would not work with you if you just hit the space bar to stop recording? Tracks keep their record-enabled status.

Depending on the monitoring mode, They may need to toggle record enable to hear the track playback and to record - I have that problem as I like my tracks to auto monitor when record enabled, so it may be something similar that OP has.

yes, that’s exactly it–I have it set to auto-enable when I select a track, and that wrinkle was tripping me up.

thank you, skijumptoes! I’m still new to Cubase, and had already forgotten about the logical editor. I was able to get it working how I need almost identically to your solution (I didn’t include automation, but that may be something I need to include at some point). much appreciated!

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