Commas in expression text?

Hi all. I’ve searched and can’t find an answer to this. I like to use more descriptive words in the expression text than just the defaults. However, Dorico does not let me add commas or even Capitalize (Ex: “warm, gently,” or “a la Debussy”) in the expression text. After adding a comma in the pop over, it disappears upon entry. Any ideas? Of course, I can create my own text style and place it next to the dynamic, but I’d prefer that it’s attached to the dynamic (much easier that way), hence my desire to use the expression text. Thanks!

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What’s really happening when you input arbitrary text after your dynamic marking in the popover is that Dorico automatically adds a suffix to your dynamics object. The content of this suffix is possible to edit in the Properties Panel (in the property named Suffix). And when doing it that way, it allows you to input almost any non-letter character you want.

Ah! Thank you for this. I wonder why it’s necessary to go into the Properties Panel and we can’t just add that suffix in the pop over. Would be nice not to have to go through these extra steps.

It’s because certain words and special characters have special meanings in the contest of the popover, e.g. writing subito or sub adds the subito property to your dynamic property, which intelligently can have different “looks” depending on e.g. your Engraving Options or the other properties of your dynamics object. By using the Suffix property, you’re not limited by the context of the popover where certain words or characters might “intelligently” be misinterpreted into something else, but you’ll get exactly the characters entered into the text field in your so-called expression text.

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Two point

Totally, but it would be great to be able to add prefixes and suffixes from the popover, as if it were a type of “Markdown”.
(example, pp ::a la Debussy:: // pp ::warm, gently::). The text that was within the double two point, Dorico understood completely as a suffix, being able to use capital letters, commas and whatever one wanted.