Comment: exporting always results in a folder named "Flows from..."

Just a comment that I find it extremely distracting that every time I export something from Dorico, it defaults to exporting it into a newly created folder called “Flows from ‘Filename’”.

I keep all my scores in one master folder, named (surprise surprise) Scores. I have thousands of files in this folder named according to their project name. So when I’ve got Symphony No. 14 open, and I export something from it, it doesn’t alphabetize next to Symphony No. 14. I have to scroll all the way up to F for flows, then find Flows from Symphony No. 14., then rename it to “Symphony No. 14 Flows” so that it alphabetizes next to the actual file that it comes from. I like keeping all the files related to a single project next to each other.

I find it annoying, and can’t think of any case in which I’d prefer the exported files to appear in a folder starting with “Flows…” - I thought I’d mention it here in case the Dorico developers would consider changing this convention in a future version.

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There is a checkbox for whether Dorico creates an enclosing folder called “Flows from…” in the Export Flow dialog:


Individual flows will be named “Original File - Flowtitle”.
However, if you export more than one flow into the same project file, then it is named “Flows from X” in a similar way, which you may find equally unhelpful.

Also note that Audio files are exported to a “Flow From…” folder, and there is no checkbox for precluding that.

While I broadly agree with the request, I would suggest that more file organization is always better than less.
Given that Dorico can export Flows, Audio, XML, Comments, Graphics; and you may have other supporting files associated with each project (lyric text, manuscript photos): I’d strongly recommend having a folder for each project, rather than lumping all projects, with their associated exports in one enormous list that you have to constantly scroll through.


I think it might be to personal taste, how one organises one’s files, but I would suggest @user450 to temporarily switch file view to “sort by date”, then correct the folder name and switch back to “sort by name”. This way extensive scrolling can be avoided.

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