Comments break multirests

I’ve realised that comments do break multirests. Is this expected behaviour? Since they don’t print by default, I don’t expect them to affect the layout in any way.

Does it just break MM-rests on the top staff or does it break them throughout the system?

Just on the staff on which it’s placed, which seems logical to me.

Hello Derrek
Throughout the system.
I’ve made a simple test:

  1. Created a new score from template: String quartet
  2. Added 4/4
  3. Added 10 bars
  4. Put a note in first and last bar
  5. Created a comment in bar 5 on Violin I, in the first rhythmic position.
  6. In layout options: activated "Consolidate Multi-bar rests and hit Apply. The comment breaks the multi-bar rest. The whole bar isn’t part of a multi-bar rest, even if in the first rhythmic position
  7. Delete the comment. The multi-bar rests shows 9 bar rests, as expected.
  8. Now place it in Violin II and reactivate multi-bar rests. Still breaks the multi-bar rests.

Here’s the file to demonstrate the behaviour
Comment breaks Multi-bar (338 KB)

Ah yes. To clarify: the comment on one player’s staff doesn’t break the multi-bar rests in the other part layouts. That would be unexpected and undesirable.

In my mind, what you’re describing here is also completely logical. You’re affixing a comment to a measure, so that measure should display. A comment should point to a specific and unambiguous location, after all.

Just my opinion…

I agree that comments should not break multi-bar rests. We’ll fix this in the next update.

Thank you everybody for the replies.

Dan, I can understand to some extent that comments should break multirests from a composing point of view, but while in Page View, I expect to see the layout results. Since the caret works still in multi-bar rests, you can actually attach to an specific point in the multi-bar, it’s just not so clear visually.
I’m divagating here, but it could make sense for me to comments split multirests in Galley view, which is for me “composing mode”.

I don’t disagree, and I had to look up “divagate,” which rarely happens. :wink:

I took from the Portuguese word, and the spell checker didn’t complain :laughing: , but you’re right, it’s actually not very common. I’m improving English everyday!

But why shouldn’t native English speakers improve their understanding of English here too? :smiley:
I appreciate the opportunity to learn as much as anyone; and who says I won’t be able to use it to rhyme a lyric down the road?

Kudos, Lucas, and thank you.

Thanks Derrek! Good “divagation”! Let’s keep divagating then!

I’m as big a fan of divigationality as anyone. :open_mouth:
(Now we’re getting into Wicked-speak, I think.)