Comments: different color?

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to change the default color of the comments that I attach to the score? The pale pink is just too easy to miss…Right now I color them in a wild Magenta “by hand” using the properties panel…



No, there’s no way to change the default colour of comments, I’m afraid – but it would be a good thing for us to add to the Colors page of Preferences in future. I’ve made a note of this as something to do when we get a chance.


If possible, I’d love to be able to assign keycommands to be able to input different comment colors. When doing large ensemble transcriptions, I often leave myself a variety of comments. Some pertain to the audio directly, like if I hear a particular instrument panned a certain way, or the player hangs over on the 2nd x, etc., and some pertain to the music itself. I would find it very useful to be able to color code different types of comments by the subject matter.


Thanks for your helpful response! I´d be more than happy if you could add that feature in the future.


You can also skip through all your comments in the right panel.