COMMNOS FILES VST2, VST3, VstPlugins Where is right?

I have a problem with a VST TRIGGER of Steven Slate, when i open 4 or six istances cubase go in crash.
My computer is vary powerfull HD SSD, 8 Core, RAM 12 giga… Bios optimized…

My question is: Where is the right place for installation wiht win 7 64 bit?

  • C: program/steinberg/VstPlugins
  • or in C: programSteinberg/Cubase 6/ VstPlugins
  • or in C: program Steinberg/Cubase 6/ VST3
  • or in C: program/Commons Files/Steinberg/VST2

And furthemore wich is the differance from those folder?
Why the Plug ins installer sometimes install the plug in one (forx example cubase 6- vstplugin) folder but other software house install in another folder (forx example Commons file - steinberg - VST2?

And Last question: why when steven slate installer install the .dll in the Commons file steinberg VST2 but in the Cubase - plug ins information i read TRIGGER .vst3?

Let me know Which is the rght plase for install and the differances. Thank you in advance.

There is no “right” answer. Cubase x64 has paths it looks in when trying to find plugins. Most current installers pick a place that is on that path. Some don’t. So, if it is a VST2 you can put it in the common folder, or the VstPlugins folder or a folder of your choice that you add to the scan list.

So why if i leave the .dll in the coomons file cubase read that and when i put in the Cubase 6 - vstpluing don’t read? Let me know

maybe because the path isn’t set to the place it isn’t finding it …